Rudi's Notes 06-16-17

29th of Seranith, Year 2

It’s late afternoon, the sun dipping behind the trees that surrounded the various members of the Viridian Guard. Sear, Glod, and Faderean gather around a small fire in the recesses of one of the ruined towers, with the the large elven monoliths reaching up to the blood red sky above.

“I don’t understand you! What’s happening?!” Faderean called to one of the crows that braved the wagon, the rest limited to the towers and trees looming overhead.
“Cawcawcaw!” It croaked, head twitching around to take in the trio.

“Does anyone speak… uh bird?” Faderean asked looking at Glod and Sear.

The crow flapped closer, lighting on the bracing holding the empty cauldron over the flames. Faderean stirred it meaninglessly before it pecked at his hand. Faderean yipped in pain, pulling his hand back to suck at the small wound. “I don’t know what you want you bloody feather rat! Is Rudi coming here? Did he send you to fetch us?"

It gave another raucous call, gaining the attention of Sear.

“I think you are getting through to her ”/characters/faderean" class=“wiki-content-link”>*Faderean*. Doesn’t Rudi usually give her corn?"

Faderean haughtily tosses the wooden spoon aside. “The dietary concerns of this living feather duster are usually not my problem. If it wants food it should come at meal times!”

“Fine! Let me see what we have,” he muttered, looking through a nearby bag to speed things along before tossing a small pack to his cousin.

Faderean took out a fistful of rations from the bag, the bird gobbling down the dried meat from their last encounter with a beast. With one last shriek, the bird bit Fadereans thumb before flying off through the trees “Ow! Why you… uh under cooked turkey! Come back here!” He was left standing, sucking on his injured thumb when he took in the birds overhead. “… wait was that even the right bird?!”

“There’s more than one?” Sear asked, his eyes growing large.

“I mean did some random gutter bird just ply me for scraps?” He asked.

Cassius, Hydrastis, and the mending Rudi are led by Beatrix through the forest to the others, drawing closer to the walls. Saved by the efforts of his two friends, they moved in relative silence compared to the halfling’s usual diatribes and ramblings. Rudi’s familiar soared overhead, landing on the wagon.

Rudi! Rudi!” It called with Sear, Faderean, and Glod snapping their heads in the direction of the raven.
“What in the-” Faderean starts, but whatever he said is lost in his scream. A little, blue man armed with a small, sharp, foil like sword has the blade sunk deep into the man’s ribs. The creature spins, sending a gout of blood squirting onto the ground before scurrying away. In a flash, he’s gone.

Glod rushed to his side, healing the poison coursing through the rogues veins, while Sear weaves hand signs, pulling a small shaped wire from his pack, whispering the incantation to lift his feet high of the ground.

“There!” Faderean calls, and Sear whips around just to see his cousin get stabbed one more time. Blood gushes from the puncture wounds just under his ribs.

Just outside, the other half of the Viridian Guard can hear Faderean’s screams and leap into action. Despite the protests of Cassius and Hydrastis, Rudi jumps forward from the litter onto Thlayli’s back, ripping the makeshift harness free and spurring the wolf forward. The others follow, just in time to see a pallid Faderean collapse.

Unable to reliably track it, the Viridian Guard starts splintering off from each other, looking for the quickling in an a very serious cat and mouse game, while trying to secure their safety. Hydrastis calls stone from the sky, the small rocks raining down like hail, Sear sends his fiery, magic missiles through the air, and Rudi sends a ray of fire across the grounds. Magic and arrows fly, unsure if they’re even hitting their target as it dived in, made it’s swift jabs, and ran before the group could do anything. Others swing their weapons as soon as they’re able, but end up just looking at empty air.

The quickling, meanwhile, scurries over the ruins, vanishing over walls, into the nooks and crannies of the ruined compound. However, as the cat and mouse game drags on, more and more attempted attacks actually connect, and it becomes a little ragged in it’s movements. With one last dip in, it vanishes over the wall, leaving the group frustrated, bloodied, and tired. They debate whether they should stay or go, but the natural curiosity of the place took over. Faderean is the first to move towards one of the towers, the one in the southwest. The halfling’s natural curiosity overwhelms the frustration, and he finds himself following him intently.

Little is found however. The southwestern towers is nearing the end of it’s collapse. Floors have fallen in on themselves, and Faderean can hear the sound of chittering. Then the sound of small nails over rocks. Then the squeak as hundreds of rats swarm from under the rubble, from cracks in the walls, swarming towards him. With the second scream of the day, Faderean turned and fled with Rudi quickly joining on his heels.

The northwestern tower, nearly reclaimed by the forest, had vines creeping up it’s walls. Bodies and skulls hung tangled in the mess, while the pair looked up at them and almost miss the vines creeping across the ground towards them. With a third scream on the day for Faderean, the duo are chased one more time from the tower.
Faderean, Rudi. Give it up, let’s go. Lets just burn down the whole place.” Sear said, scowling sourly at the derelict buildings around them.

“Master Sear, but the treasure! Have you learned nothing? Where there are ruins, there is sure to be treasure!”

He pressed forward to the northeastern tower where they found another tower collapsing on itself and spent a fair amount of time searching in near darkness. Hydrastis wandered in to check in on the pair, and casually points out a small, mithril statuette of a beautiful elven maiden standing in an archway. She can’t tell the significance of it, but Faderean thinks it’s easily worth 1,200 GP.

With only one tower left, they approach only to find the entrance barred by rough planks. There are darkened arrow slits in the 40 ft walls stretching up towards the canopy above it around it. The roof has long since crumbled in decay, while the leaves and branches knit in the sky above to form a makeshift roof. Inside, they find bloody scalps hammered into the stone wall, with cozy, small sized wooden furniture. They spend some time searching, and find a hidden niche about 20 ft above the floor. Inside is an urn full of various sums of coins and gems.

The sun having long since set, the Viridian Guard decided to set up camp inside. They create a small screen by tacking the quickling’s blanket over the door in an attempt to alert and trip the creature up if it enters or leaves that way, set up their bedrolls, and set watches. However, each time they try and get some rest, the quickling returns, scaling the walls from the open ceiling, and making an attack on one of them before vanishing again into the night. This happens over and over, until a frustrated Viridian Guard are forced to plan their next move…

Rudi's Notes 06-16-17

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