Sootscale Kobolds

Living in a silver mine within the Stolen Lands, the Viridian Guard’s first learned of their existence as a quest from ayoung, brash halfling that joined the group after they had already started exploring.

Rudi’s Notes 03-18-16
They entered the Oak Top Silver Mine, the home of the kobolds, led by the kobold Mikmek that they had saved from the Mites under the old sycamore. He led them to the Chief of the Sootscales where they strike a bargain to defeat an evil sorcerer named Tartuk. After Ted puts his boot on the sorcerer’s neck and splits his skull, they reach an accord. Cassius leads the discussion, where they leave behind some wealth, and boost trade between them and the other kingdom. In return, they were under their protection.

Rudi’s Notes 09-16-16
It wasn’t long after establishing the borders of Dun Scaith, and the founding of the city of Valour, that the first kobolds began to arrive. Led by the matriarch Kilthirka, these Valour dwelling kobolds are recruited by Faderean as spies and Cassius to train as shock troops, while Rudi tries to fold them into life in general by taking a quest from the matriarch to prove they are valued.

Rudi’s Notes 12-16-16
The rest of the citizens are less than enthused, however. Cassius’s own cousin Adwid leads a group protesting their settling roots in the new, rapidly expanding town. The Viridian Guard, however, persuades the rest this is for the best, leaving Adwid fuming haplessly.

Rudi’s Notes 04-21-17
Rudi, finally finishing his quest bequeathed by Kilthirka, brings her the spoils happily. Hoping this could really help the relationship between the Valour dwelling kobolds and the rest of the burgeoning town blossom. She tells Sear that she believed Chief Sootscale made the correct choice by not siding with the king of the trolls, and gives Faderean a wand of leap. When Rudi asked about cooperation in education in the arcane and mundane and learning about their culture, however, she demanded a mansion next to Adwid Surtova to prove that she really was a valued leader in the community as they said. Cassius said land would be granted, but it would be up to her to pay for the construction as was only fair. This wasn’t good enough for her, and so Rudi left in a huff.

Sootscale Kobolds

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