Rudi's Notes 2-22-16

Under the old sycamore, the party composes themselves after slaying the mites and centipedes in their hatchery. Piles of compost have small centipede eggs strewn throughout, with vile run off feeding the base of each.

The respite is short lived, as one of the mites ran off to raise the alarm. With Cassius and Pirec rejoining the party, they give chase, doubled over as they run through the tunnels.They end up in a room with a crude table in the center. Stones and sticks are strewn across the top; Pirec identifies it as a map of the area. On top is a blood-stained ivory statue of a demonic lizard entity. Mites surround the table garbed in filthy chain shirts and grime encrusted spears. Their eyes are puffy and swollen, pus weeping from their corners, and acne like sores cover their bodies. Their leader sits astride a massive tick, wielding a spear. Grobbels and Tickleback lead the other mites to attack.

In the assault, Tickleback chomps on Rudi and downs him. As the dust settles, Tickleback and the other mites lie dead while Grobbels is captured. However nobody is able to communicate with him. Split on how to handle this situation, some want to torture him; others take moral issue with that. While Blod gets ready to burn him alive, Cassius executes him.

While Rudi is being woken up, Sear and Pirec investigate the chasm on the other side of the room. Whistling wind whips through it eerily, and Sear illuminates a rock and kicks it down. The ground shakes as a monstrous centipede’s head rears from it. Blod screams to run; Pirec collapses after one bite from the beast. Cassius steps up to face it, with Rudi charging past, leaping with his trident outstretched. The party piles one, until Fadrian shoots a bolt through it’s gaping maw, blowing a hole through the back of it’s head.

Across the gap, they find a room where mites are torturing a caged kobold. They butcher the unsuspecting mites, and Sear steps up to converse with the cowering creature. His name is Mikmek, and he tells them that the ivory idol Fadrian is carrying is the god of a sorcerer that’s been inciting rebellion among the Sootscales, and leading them against the chief. He also claims that his chieftan has Svetlana’s Ring. With the possibility of completing two quests, they agree to follow Mikmek back, and help with the problem.

But first, they stop at the Temple of Eristil and visit Jhod to try and cure their wounds and the disease that has plagued them since endeavoring to take out the mites. Upon arrival, Rudi’s skin erupts in sores, and the halfling falls seriously ill with a strength sapping illness, a result of being bitten by Tickleback.

Rudi's Notes 2-22-16

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