Rudi's Notes 11-18-16


Only a few of the party, gathered on the steps of the party, are able to recognize the danger at the gates. Rudi, Glod, and Hydrastis ready themselves as a trio of trolls alternatively smashes through the remnants of the wall on the old ruined keep, jumping the wall, and breaking down the gates. One clambers up the watchtower, grabbing the quaking guard in a massive fist, and tearing him in half. The roar, and both Sear and Rudi make contact for a split second, sharing in the fear that grips them.

Rudi, stubborn and defiant, digs his trident into the ground and raises a closed fist. When he opens it, a ray of fire erupts from his hand, blasting a hole through the troll, turning the tables on who is shaken by who. In the next instant, Sear vanishes from view, while his cousin does much the same.

Glod summons a spiritual hammer of Torag, harrying the troll as it lumbers towards the group while Hydrastis joins in with her composite bow. It ducks and dives as it charges the party, slamming it’s fists on the ground, and reaches out to grab hold of *Hydrastis*’ bow. With a quiet prayer, energy courses from *Glod*’s hand, into the wooden limbs of the bow, before joining together in the drawstring. The two others close in as Cassius charges on his mount, striking at the one Rudi burnt as he rides by, and closing with the second that had charged Rudi, snarling in his face. Both times, the long, clutching hands almost rip him from Mandarb’s saddle and only his experience keeps him clinging on.

Rudi tumbles backwards, concentrating on the steps involved in his previous spell. When he righted himself, he held out his hand and blasted the same troll one more time, incinerated flesh turning to ash and lifted in the breeze. Faderean fires a volley from his crossbow then, peppering the troll with arrows, and with a guttural moan, it stumbles and falls.

Sear reappears behind the steps, and a stream of color blinds the nearest troll, just as Hydrastis calls to a nearby tree. It sways, gently at first, before gaining momentum and assailing the troll with the rustling of leaves and cracking of timber. Maddened, the troll snarls and roars, swinging at the tree wildly and ultimately shaking off the spell.

At the top of the stairs, the troll had closed with Hydrastis and Glod, ripping off 2 of *Glod*’s fingers and raking it’s claws across his face. Hearing his friends cries behind him, Rudi charges up the steps and jumps into the one fighting Glod and Hydrastis, lightning arcing up the trident before being plunged into the troll.

“Fear not these beasts!” Cassius yelled. “Steel your hearts, reclaim your town! For Valour!” Then spurred Mandarb forward once more.

Sear calls out on the heels. “Heed your General! Find your courage and lend us your arms!” Only two kobolds and a lone human charge in. As they close, the downed troll lumbers back to it’s feet, grabs the human, and bites the head off the guardsman. A 4th troll charges in from behind, ignoring the kobold that was swiping at it vainly as it goes for Hydrastis while she casts a spell.

Glod, finding a reprieve, clutches his mangled hand as he steps back into the library, calling on Torag to mend his wounds. Meanwhile, the troll turns its gaze onto the small halfling. Lunging with a claw, he slashes across Rudi’s face, and immediately tries to bite him. Rudi’s able to spin out of the way, and the troll shatters its front teeth on the marble steps. The blood courses freely down Rudi’s face, plunging the trident in once more as the troll staggered away.
“For Valour!” He called in his small, reedy voice, then releases a third torrent of fire at the troll that regenerated from the injuries Cassius and Faderean had caused, arcing across it’s grotesque body, and forcing it to drop the headless corpse of the townsman.

Cassius urges Mandarb forward, swearing an oath to take the foul creatures head. Hearing the charging horse, the troll spins around. Leaning forward, Cassius plunges the lance into the troll, while Mandarb reared up and kicked it’s front legs. Thrown off balance, the troll struggled to reach Cassius, while he braced the lance to hold the troll at bay.
Sear steps forward, holding his hand up, as a kaleidoscope of colors cascades towards two of them hemming in Hydrastis and Glod on the steps. In spite of Cassius and Rudi holding off two of the three, they fight a retreating battle, backing towards the door as the elf fires shot after shot, and dwarf calls to his God for aid. The troll, blinded thanks to Sear, swinging wildly in *Glod*’s general direction. It’s easy for the dwarf to duck under, the troll only showering him with dust.

To the right of the steps, the troll that had previously chipped it’s teeth was already up and barreling towards Rudi again. It reaches forward, but he’s able to dance back before it can grab him. Instead, it slashed with it’s other hand, cutting him across the chest, before coming in one more time. Rudi, acting purely on instinct, braces himself, and lets the troll throw itself on his trident. His feet are pushed back in the dirt until he’s halfway onto the first step. With the trident still inside, he sends electricity back up the trident and into the troll. A bolt follows it up again, gouging out an eye as it’s snapping mere inches from Rudi’s face.

With one side secure, Glod charges back into the fray. His beard blowing behind him, he hefts his warhammer and brings it crashing down on the steps. Hydrastis, free now to focus, fires cleanly through the heart of the one pinned by Cassius who struggles to release his lance before it’s dead weight pulls him from the saddle.

“Slay the beasts! Attack!” Sear yells, directing the order to the one brave kobold still left standing. He charges, yelling in draconic, before the troll turns the small humanoid into a paste. Sear follows it up with on more glitterdust spell, leaving the troll in a daze.

Faderean loads a special bolt into his crossbow and looses at the troll covered in scorch marks from Rudi. It glances past his shoulder, but howls. It takes out it’s frustration on another villager, before Rudi casts his last Scorching Ray. His brain throbbing from the forced recall of spells, it’s still satisfying to see the creature stagger to the ground again.

At his feet, his trident starts to move in his hand. The troll that was downed starts to get up, it’s slavering jaws just starting to work into a snarl when Hydrastis jumps down the stairs, pulls a torch and lights it in one fluid motion, and jabs it into it’s eye. It howls, and Rudi conjures a small orb of acid that splashes onto it.
“Are you good?” He asked the elf, before sprinting towards the one he had been burning since it arrived.

The others start to stand then. The one with an arrow through the heart; the one covered in scorch marks, they start looking for new targets.

“Bring firebrands! Slay the creatures, protect your homes!” Cassius called. Magic Missiles collide with the side of the one that had risen itself in front of the cavalier, Sears outstretched hand falling back to his side once it collapsed again.

The cavalier kicks Mandarb forward, leaping the prone form of the troll, and bringing him to *Glod*’s aid. The dwarf is calling down a doom upon the troll, but his conviction is lacking given the situation. Bloodied, broken, the opposite seems more likely. The lance pierces the troll, twisting it against the stone and pinning it there. It pushes against the wall, inching up along the lance and towards the whinnying of the horse.

Faderean, leaning out the second floor window, crossbow in one hand, fires down. The kickback almost knocked him loose, and he scrambles to keep hold, but the bolt flies true. Gouts of blood spatter across *Cassius*’ gleaming armor, as he lets the troll crumple.

Seeing the last troll fall, the townspeople rush out with torches and start burning them under the protection of the Viridian Guard. They start calling out to them as heroes, but Cassius holds up his hand.

“You are the true heroes! Our people that gave their lives, are the true heroes! Let them be remembered. He seeks out their family members, and distributes special daggers. Elaborate scrollwork runs up and down the blade, all except for the furrow. The handle is mostly steel, with a guard for the forefinger to rest in only slightly embellished, while a hand stained piece of oak rests at the base.
All in all, he distributes four:

  • Johnny Veek, a human survivor
  • Hani Somi, a human survivor
  • Deleguil, a wild elf killed in the fight
  • The Sootflecks, the surviving relatives of the Kobolds

Between them, the trolls carried gems and gold worth 1,000 gold in total.

Faderean, finally catching up with the party from whatever missions he had been on, shares rumors he had heard.

  • A hag lives to the northwest of the Tuskwater
  • Gnomes travelling up the Skunk River mapping the greenbelt have gone missing
  • Lizards in the southern swamp have been causing problems
  • The island in Candlemere Lake is guarded by a monster, and on it the fabric of reality is very thin
  • There is a green dragon attacking anyone entering the Gnarlmarshes.

Before anything else, they commission armor for Glod, and a masterwork crossbow for Faderean

The morning after, while the party is still nursing the wounds, townsfolk have gathered. The humans, wild elves, and kobolds found one thing they could all agree on: They want a watchtower built in the area.

Sear, holds up a hand, and slowly the murmur in the crowd dies, and silence falls. “We have bled to keep our town safe. Some have died,” He starts, nodding to the families he recognizes from the day before. “Let it be known, that we will not be caught unawares like that again. We will meet your demands twofold. In addition, we have already drawn up plans to build a wall to protect our most important asset, our citizens.”


Not having drawn up plans at all, Sear still makes good on his promise of building at least 1 watch tower, and the wall around the city. In addition, he sponsors the building of more houses within the village proper. The people are satisfied with these gestures, and peace returns to the village.


Planning done, and the people’s safety accounted for, the Viridian Guard prepares to set out to tackle the problems within the green belt once more. There are plans to build an inn, and develop new farmland.

Just when things seem like they were going well, Rudi’s unheeded warnings became true. The few nobles in town have been making a fuss about the prospering kobold population within the kingdom, and have been demanding that something be done about them . . .

Rudi's Notes 11-18-16

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