Rudi's Notes 10-21-2016

The months continued to crawl by in the Kingdom of Dun Scaith with work and toil . The road to Oleg’s continued even as the chill of autumn sets in and gives way to the frost of winter. Farmers still arrive, claiming land under the jurisdiction of Dun Scaith, barely able to set up before the frost sets in and prepare for the coming winter.
In the city of Valor, unrest grows as more and more people flock to the fledgling kingdom, saddling them with more and more mouths to feed, and less to feed them with. The party struggles to get the logistics of running a kingdom into balance. But it’s not just their basic necessities; the leadership understanding their need for entertainment built a dancehall.

In the month of Kuthona, while Rudi and Cassius return from protecting trade caravans coming back from Oleg’s with much needed supplies, the find the burgeoning town in turmoil. While Sear was lounging on furs in his quarters, the body of Kesten was dragged in between town guards. Limp, with prominent sores on his now pale, greenish skin, the Royal Enforcer was assassinated. Sear dispatched the guards to assemble the rest of the party, and together they examined the body.
Glod was able to identify the small, circular wounds with one tucked under the ribs and another on the back of the neck. The flesh around the wound had become necrotized, with the veins around the wound bulging. It had been very recent.
The rest were taken to the small alley where the body was found. The blood was still fresh, and Cassius left immediately to knock on doors and look for witnesses. Above the pooled blood there’s what looks like a tribal sun, drawn so it was tilted to the ide.It looks familiar to Pirec, like the one tattooed onto Dovan from Nisroch’s stomach.
Later in Kuthona was *Cassius*’ birthday. He hosted a party at the newly built dancehall, and all the troops from the garrison turned out, as well as his friends in the Viridian Guard. Rudi gives him the slim information he’d been able to collect on the Kobolds to try and help with his training of the shock troops, but knew it was a lame present and was determined to get him something better.

As Dun Scaith enters Abadius it sees the council with a vacancy. Sear talks with his advisors and they settle on Dhavik from the free irregulars. He’s hesitant, but Sear talks him into it giving him a chance to avenge his former captain.
Sear also spends time inquiring about the hag he’d been hearing about down near the lake.There have been rumors of a swamp witch, some who say she’s friendly enough if you announce yourself, others that say she boils children to make a stew.
Rudi spends portion of time trying to build more understanding between the people of Valor and the kobolds that have emigrated, seeking out a wise woman among the kobolds. He pokes through the small shanty town that popped up for the kobolds. Mostly made up of the sootscale population, there are some with more exotic colors, the meaning of there exile status getting lost on Rudi.It didn’t take long to get pointed towards Kilthirka. He spoke about developing an understanding between the two very different groups of people, fearing for a backlash due to fear and mistrust. Before she agrees to work with him, though, she asks for knuckle bones, frog eyes, and fish as a symbol of good faith. Still in the grips of winter, though, he doesn’t know where he’ll find frogs right now so is forced to put it on the backburner.

Entering the month of Calistril sees the work continue with the road to Oleg’s finally being completed just in time for spring trade to start.
Wild elves start to appear in the town though, taking up residence in an empty corner of Valor. Sear approaches them to set up a diplomatic channel and hears angry mutters about the farms appearing across the stolen lands, about being there first and having nowhere else to go due to interlopers and usurpers.
WIth the state of the refugees, Glod drifts among them, seeking their sick and wounded. He heals the few that are present, praising Torag’s name and welcoming them to the town of Valor.
Pirec helps improve the various lean-to’s and thread bare tents, improving on the wind breaks and their fire pits. Cassius mingles with them and praises the virtues of working together as so many others have throughout history to make great nations, to take an active role and help guide the kingdom.
Rudi, however only gets in the way, from his cooking, to helping to mend their tools and the like. Despite this, Glod is able to determine the hesitancy, and find out they do want to join the Valor community.
Additionally, there is a plague cropping up at the farming community established around the old sycamore, and people are dying. Rudi hears about it, and finds it strangely similar to the disease that afflicted the mites in the warren. With help, they’re able to find appropriate roots and herbs to help treat the disease.

Pharast sees the kingdom start to thaw, with cold winds tearing through the streets as spring approaches. The road crews continue covering ground from the remote area of the Stag Lord’s old keep. The spring sees good a very good planting season, and Glod attributes the good turns to Torag watching over Valor.
The wild elves are given supplies, and craftsmen from the village help them to build permanent housing near the library. The people are assessed, and start getting recruited for various roles based on their interests: as members of *Cassius*’s garrison and guard, harnessing their natural aptitude with the bow, and their finesse with the sword; as members of *Hydrastis*’ border guard, utilizing their innate survival skills, and atonement with the forests and hills; as devotees of Torag, more than just mere worship of the god of craft, but coaxing art from steel and supplying the people with quality tools and other supplies.
Pirec sends a message to neighboring kingdoms, inviting them to Valor in an attempt to share knowledge of the sciences. Only time will tell if it bears fruit.
It’s a cold spring day like any other. Rudi stands on the front steps of the Library, waving at Cassius as he rode past. It’s become a routine for the Cavalier, believing it gives the impression of stability, that they’re being watched over. The newly crafted sword hung from his hips, a more fitting birthday present for the general than the near empty tome Rudi had presented him with months before. Glod had wandered over from the shrine, drawn by Rudi’s shouting at Gabe. Hydrastis had stopped to ask a question, watching the halfling’s tirade passively, cut off halfway through as him and Sear stared at each other across the road. Faderean, as usual, tailed his cousin, lurking in a partially constructed home nearby.
Without warning the meagre walls crumbled and gates slam open to admit a trio of trolls. Screams of the townsfolk fill the air as they fled fled for their lives, as they start snatching up townsfolk and rampaging through their village. Without wasting time, the Viridian Guard leaps into action to save their people….

Rudi's Notes 10-21-2016

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