Rudi's Notes 09-16-16

7th of Seranith
The party is enjoying their well earned R’n’R after a weekend of heavy festivities. As the day wears on, an old man busts into Olegs carrying several scrolls, with books held into a leather strap. Looking back through the open he shouts to an unknown person “Looks like this is the place.”
Sizing the heroes up, he nods. “Who the fuck are you then.”
“Who are you?” Sear asked in response.
“Names Oslod. Come bearing some gifts of a whole ton of shit per the terms of the agreement. They sent me, ‘cuz I’m gonna teach you. I’m a clerk. First off, you think of a name for your kingdom?”
“I think master Tumblefar did.”
“Oh, uh, Dun Scaith? If thats what you all want?”
When no one responded, Oslod shrugged and wrote it in the book. “Dun Scaith. Weird name. Now, where do you want it? Got lumber, tools, weapons, saws, axes, whatever you need. Just point us to where we’re going, so we can get the fuck to work on this place.”

Using Pirec to assess the various sites they’d visited based on his own personal notes, the group deliberates for the remainder of the day.

The inexorable march of time continues . . .

After careful consideration of all sites, though, they settle on the Stag Lords old keep. Wasting no time, they left Oleg’s, delegating positions as they went. On arrival, it was simply a matter of dispersing the dark influence of the undead surrounding it. Setting up a watch tower as the first order of business, the city of Valor was established.

In remembrance, they decided to call the founding weekend as Horn’s Fall, in celebration of the Stag Lord’s defeat and ensuing celebration. 6 months after, would be Hammerfall, and they encouraged the normal holidays as well. Hammerfall, 1st thaw, harvest, and both winter and summer’s solstices. And with that Dun Scaith saw its first culturally significant holidays.

Oslod proposed various plans to spread the word, but the party decided to keep things loose and quiet. They decided they should build up their kingdom slowly, organically to make sure it didn’t collapse under it’s own weight. However, everyone would pay their fair share. So they set out expanding their borders, building roads, farms, claiming the ford to the Shrike (?) river, targeting a gold mine they had seen on their travels. In the city, they focused on housing for their burgeoning population including a great deal of Sootscale Kobolds the party had made a treaty with. They also focused on trade with a trader’s post, and a mill.

Their attempts to keep things quiet didn’t keep them from attracting attention though. A couple approached them, Lloyd and Latricia, offering to develop the region that the party killed the Tatzlwyrms. If they supplied the initial investment, they would be happy to do it in the name of the burgeoning kingdom. Lord Sear and his council were more then happy to endorse them.
It wasn’t all positive though. Dovan from Nisroch returned, smuggling drugs into the city which put the humans imbibing it into a dazed stupor.. The party, using their various assets and abilities, did what they could with the epidemic. Glod tended to the sick, asking his God Torag for aid and praising him simultaneously; Faderean infiltrated the lower ranks, leading various party members where they needed to be; Cassius tried to scare straight, then meted out justice. Too obvious was Sear, too much of a public figure these days, and too useless was Rudi, who spent too much time hopping around after ghosts and whispers, and researching the drug itself. Pirec did the same, but in a much more visceral way as he joined the addicts in the drugs use.

It was *Hydrastis*’s keen skill in observation and perception that spotted the drugs as they were carted into the city limits, her ability to track that brought the party to their leader. It was Content Not Found: null, returned to enact a different sort of attack on the new city. Like old times they eliminated his subordinates in the drug trade, but were unable to apprehend the tattooed villain.

Now, they’re set on the road to recovery, and refocus their efforts on building Valor into the jewel of the Stolen Lands, and planting the seeds for Dun Scaith to be the greatest kingdom the world has known.

Rudi's Notes 09-16-16

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