Rudi's Notes 04-15-16

Instead of heading back to Oleg’s as originally planned, the party changes their mind and tries to explore their immediate region. They’re unable to make it very far as they ruin into the Shrike River. Water is insanely deep at times, and the party spends the better part of the day looking for a place to cross. Blocked by waterfalls and the lack of fords, they continue north.
Overnight, Hydrastis encourages Rudi to talk to the wolf again, and offer a gift. He brings the majoriy of his rations, and some progress is made. However, the real victory is the bond he feels he’s finally forged with one of his party members.
Spring snow falls for the next couple of days, slowing travel and limiting their vision. Still trying to cross the Shrike, they come across the remains of an old bridge. Only a thick rope remains, sagging across the water. An old sign identifies the site as Nettle’s Crossing advertising a 5 CP fee to cross. Whether out of frustration, or just because it’s how Ted likes to solve problems, the half orc punched a rusty old bell hanging from the sign.
Hydrastis was the first to notice the form rising from the swirling snow. Black skin, with wispy strands of hair caught in the breeze. The form shambled forward, on top of the water, stopping about 20 feet out.
Ted held the 5 CP in his hands, but the figure ignored it. Instead, in an eerie, soggy voice said “you are no my tormentors. Throw the Staglord into the river so I may witness him.”
Then he disappeared back under the churning water of the Shrike. Unable to find a crossing, the party decides to finally head back to Oleg’s. Sear and Rudi spend the next couple of nights trying to [[Rudi’s Notes 03/18/16 | identify the items taken from Tartuk’s lair.]]

In addition, Rudi spends time trying to identify the mouldy old tome he picked up, but he didn’t know the language, and no one he asked could identify it either.

8 hours from Oleg’s, boars attack. Charging over the hill,Sear lays down from grease and trips up 2 of the 3. The last charges Rudi who jumped into action before he entirely knew what was happening.
Between Faderean’s surprise assault, Sear’s use of magic, and Cassius’ mount, the boars stand little chance. Not to be outdone, Rudi vaults off of a dead boar, trident charged with arcane energy in an outstretched hand, as he spears the boar in the neck. He clings to it, but is soon bucked, leaving the weapon buried in the animal.
It’s dispatched seconds later.

Ted dresses and butchers what he can of the carcasses with different scavengers showing up: Tyg-Titter-Tut, Rudi acting on Thlayli the wolf’s behalf, and a raven that showed up out of nowhere chanting Rudi’s name. The bird drops an eye in the sleeping halfling’s mouth.

Finally arriving back at Oleg’s, there’s a lot of celebration because of the return of Svetlana’s ring. The majority of the group immediately starts browsing, looking for ways to spend the 1,000 GC in credit.
The kobold quest is completed as well, and Rudi is left deciding how to distribute the 800Gp reward. Does he do it fairly, ignoring the constant slights from the others? Maybe he should split it with Hydrastis, since she took him under her wing… or maybe send some back to Barril and Lessys to pay them back after he stole from them to get started on adventuring. Instead of making a decision, he just drinks in the back of the trading post after Oleg told him to get drinks for everyone else, asking Hydrastis and Ted about the raven.

The rest of the party is hard at work, asking about the Staglord. The free irregulars are a regular fixture at the outpost by now, and shepherds have been filling the common room along with the hunters .While asking around, they are given a charter to eliminate the bandit and his “debased cult” for (what was it, 5,000 GC? Someone help me out!!!)

Asking around yields little information about his whereabouts, and Tyg-Titter-Tut offers little more besides “near a lake.” Faderean, clever man that he is, asks her “if you took this rock and threw it towards the Staglord, which way would it go?”

Spinning around and ’round, she throws the rock south.

Ted points out that Lake Tuskwater is to the south, the point where the two major rivers in the region converge. So the party heads off in that direction, hoping, maybe, to encounter the Troll lurking about the region on the way. They don’t.

Instead Ted has the same old problems with the fairies in the area, and offers up all of Faderean’s booze in an attempt to appease them, much to his dismay.

As they come upon the junction of the Shrike and Thorn rivers, they find some unusual berries.
Ted insists they’re unripe raspberries, even as his face goes numb.
Hydrastis corrects him: “They’re not raspberries.”

As the group tries to collect them, littler spiders with strength sapping poison skitter out and start to bite any party member trying to pick them. Eventually they gather enough of what they assume are Fangberries_ for Bokken and his potions, thanks to Sear’s_ clever use of magic.

Rudi's Notes 04-15-16

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