Rudi's Notes 02-17-17

8th of Desnus

Glod returns from his trip to Valour with a new quest and Pirec in tow. Cassius introduces Sige, and discreetly asks Glod to try and detect whether or not the cleric of Abadar is evil. Sear tells Sige to go back and report to his group the Zaned of Abadar, and then return to Valour as a way to keep tabs on the Zaned of Abadar since few in the party actually trust the man. But with the writ already in hand, Sige asks if they still needed his services.
“No, I mean you didn’t really do a whole lot I thought,” Rudi said. Despite that, he stops him as he’s leaving, asking if if they needed him again how they would find him, and is surprised at how far away he’d made it in a few seconds.
“Ask any traveler, and I’ll find you,” and he rapidly disappeared from view.
Meanwhile, Hydrastis is looking at the locket, and recalls that the image within resembles Bokken, the crazy alchemist in the north. Rudi, because of his interactions with the man, recalls him mentioning a brother that he hated, the man having abused his mother, cut off his finger, and took off before the guards could apprehend him.
Lastly, the map that they found in the Hermit’s home in the bole of the tree is handed over to Pirec. He studies it, but is at a lost for what it’s for, or what the inscription on the bottom says. Not giving up, he holds on to it, and spends a lot of time examining it for what he can find.
Once everyone exchanges their greetings, Glod shows the quest to find Tig, a young boy that searched fo animals along the river. They make this their top priority, and travel down the coast of the river in search of the boy.

9th of Desnus

They come across the shores of the Candelmere Lake. Fishermen claim it’s haunted, and find strange lights on the water, hearing blood curdling cries and rippling water where nothing is moving.
Through the mist, Pirec and Hydrastis make out a tower on the island, and spot lights in the distance. The island is incredibly overgrown, brush piling up high even from the banks of the shore. The press on, despite thinking the wil’o’wisps bright lights would be an attractive target for the young man, and doubly so since they feed on fear.

10th of Desnus

The next day, through bucketing rain, they come across a low muddy hummock sitting in the middle of murky waters. A palisade rises from the shores, and from where they sit it looks like the only way through to the south.
Three lizardmen spot them on the banks, and after a few failed attempts to speak to them, Hydrastis tells the others to use draconic.
Sear attempts to do this, but the lizardmen shoot an arrow at his feet.
Cassius tries talking as well, using Sear as a proxy to ask about the missing child, but doesn’t get any better of a response.
The groups exchange volleys of arrows and bolts, but they ultimately leave and set up camp. The group is growing increasingly frustrated at their inability to turn up any information about the missing child. Sear especially, irritated at Cassius dictating for the rest of the group, places all the responsibility for finding Tig on him, similar to the argument they had about hunting or not hunting the lion.

11th of Desnus

The Viridian Guard backtracks the next day thinking that perhaps the wisps were their best bet after all, but they find no one on the candlemere lake. Faderean asks Tyg Tytter Tut for help, but she’s not able to give any information on Tig either. Sear tries to get the group a boat from a fisherman they found north of the lake, but it’s a half days travel back to a boat big enough to carry them. Hydrastis has her head down searching for signs in the mud, and is finally able to pick up faint tracks that point to the south towards the lizardmen, potentially parties ranging to the north from their camp.
While they’re deciding what to do next, the pressure gets to Rudi and he starts yelling at the fisherman, asking direct questions about Tig; have they seen him, when was the last time, how far south can he go, there’s no time to waste! He answers their question, with everything pointing to the lizardmen in the south, and then flees from the maddened halfling. Rudi sends Beatrix south to scout over the lizardmen camp, and the party backtracks once more.
. Sear continues to needle Cassius on their trudge back to the south where they start chopping trees to construct some rafts. Beatrix returns, and while Rudi listens to her report about lizardmen and cries from inside their river fortress, the party downs a tree with giant black widow spiders.
Hydrastis is unsure of any weaknesses, but Pirec says their bite can drain your vitality, and they track enemies through tremors in the ground.
Sear uses his classic stun maneuver with glitter dust, and while Faderean tries to put some ground between himself and the spiders, a trio gather around Sear and sink their fangs into the sorcerer. Pirec fires into the chittering mass gathered around the tree, while Glod darts in to try and heal Sear.
Hydrastis, guided by Erastil, makes a trick shot that bites through an exposed joint of one spider, before bouncing off it’s chitin to sink into the flesh of another.
Tyg-Titter-Tut lands on Fadereans shoulder, smiling up at him. “Exciting, innit big’un? Love ya!” and breaths a massive amount of fire that forces them to cower.
Rudi, seeing Sear’s situation runs in to draw their attention towards him. Successful, all three scurry towards him and leave Sear free to back away. Poison racks Rudi’s body as their fangs plunge through exposed flesh.
Two more attack Cassius, spraying blood as their fangs cut through a chink in the plating of his armor. Built of sturdy stock, he trudges on, swinging his gleaming sword in arcs towards the spiders.
The others rush to try and kill throughout the onslaught. As the battle drags on, and Rudi looks worse and worse, struggling to put up a fight, Cassius and Glod both maneuver to give the halfling refuge. Cassius rams into them his shield, while Glod swings his mighty warhammer to beat them back. Slowly, the monstrous creatures fall; *Glod*’s spiritual weapon staves in the skull of one, Sear’s magic missile blows a hole in the side of another’s carapace to spray ichor over the nearby combatants, *Hydrastis*’ arrow and Faderean’s bolt skewer two more to leave their bodies quivering and twitching on the ground, and Pirec’s frostbrand weapon covers one’s carapace in rime, freezing the ichor even as it flows from the gaping wound in it’s bulbous body.
As the last one falls, Rudi collapses, convulsing from the poison coursing through his veins. Once more, Hydrastis scrambles to collect herbs and administer poultice to the fading halfling, countering the venom inside.
“Feels like we’ve been here before,” he mutters up at her before passing out.
After thinking about how spiders bring their prey back to their nest to devour them, Faderean reaches into the tree. Inside, he finds 200 gold, 2 gems. Pirec also finds an enchanted, silver rod.

That night, while recovering around the campfire, Sear confronts Cassius in an icy rage. He criticizes the lack of cohesion and the lack of a direct course of action. When he tries to use Rudi’s injury as part of his argument though, the wan and wounded halfling pulls himself up and criticizes both of them for not working together to find a Scaithian citizen, instead falling to pointing the finger at each other.
Sear stops him when he’s about to try and swim to the shore of the lizardman fort, and they instead start to plan…

Rudi's Notes 02-17-17

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