Tag: Valourian


  • Isolde

    Hired as Sear's bodyguard early on after the borders of Dun Scaith were established.

  • Margaret Rowe

    Young woman from a farming community in the norther part of Dun Scaith. She's come to Valour seeking justice and retribution after the Walther boys killed her her brother Gregor. Hydrastis and Rudi brought Eber to Valour for justice in the winter months …

  • Adwid Surtova

    Cousin of Cassius, he moved to Valour to increase the Surtovan presence within the Kingdom. Recalcitrant and boorish, however, he doesn't get along with the General of Dun Scaith. He led a group of agitators against what he viewed as encroachment on human …