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  • 3rd of Gazran, 4711

    The party continued to track the bandits, but soon realized they were being tracked themselves! Out of the brush they were surrounded by wolves. The wolves were able to pull the sorcerer down, but eventually the party was able to finish them off and save …

  • 4th of Gazran, 4711

    After repairing the cart, most the party went ahead to get back to Oleg's, some of the party decided to return the defunct cart back to the outpost. The party stopped at a very large tree laying across the road to contemplate how to get the cart by it. …

  • 5th of Gazran

    After repairing the cart many times and even losing Faderein's axe, only later to find it stuck to the underside of the cart. The party made it back to Oleg's for hopefully some well deserved rest.