kobold sorcerer


Well rested, the group headed out to complete their missions: Recover Svetlana’s Ring and Pacify the Sootscale Kobolds. The plan was to side with the chieftain against the sorcerer Tartuk, stopping the civil war that had the kobolds riled up, and recover the ring in the bargain.

With Cassius leading the negotiations, and Sear translating, they find out that the sorcerer Tartuk has been sacrificing kobolds to appease a demon. He brokers a deal with the chief; the idol, and their help to remove Tartuk for an end to the raids on the surrounding areas.

The chief leads them to Tartuk’s quarters, filled the sorcerer and his glassy eyed followers. Tartuk’s purple scales make him stand out from the others, even as he’s dropping foul items into a bubbling cauldron. The ensuing fight is short and one sided; his followers are dispatched quickly, and the sorcerer himself is backed into an alcove where Ted put a boot on his throat and split Tartuk’s head in half, along with his crow familiar.

Rudi also discovered a mouldy old tome.


Kobold sorcerer with purple scales that has taken over the Sootscale tribe. He was killed by the party.


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