Stag Lord

A nameless man that was the leader of a large bandit group.


5th of Seranith

The party devises a new plan. Cassius, Sear, and Faderean go to talk to the bandits attempting to parley under a banner of peace. The man at the gate, identifying himself as Cragger, invites them in, refusing to come into even grounds.
When asked if it was the lair of the Staglord, Cragger confirms it, and invites them to join.
Before Faderean and Sear can stop him, Cassius refuses and says that they’re there to make the Staglord pay for his crimes.
Faderean and Sear are chased away with arrows, while Cassius strolls away with the arrows plinking harmlessly from his armor.

An arrow catches Rudi in the shoulder, nearly causing him to plunge to a 20 ft fall to his death as The Stag Lord finally reveals himself. Bow clutched in one hand, the bony skull of a stag adorning his head as the antlers stretching up from his head and flanked by two of his men who also launch a volley of at the vulnerable halfling before he dives from the tower and into another bandit. One more arrow catches him and the magus collapses.

A stranger, Akiros occupied The Stag Lord’s attention, buying the group a little extra time to deal with the bandits already in range.

“Stag Lord! You had your chance! We’ve been waiting a long time for this. Now it’s time to bring you to justice!” The challenge from Cassius rang out in the aftermath, as the party starts to close with him. He gives a tactical retreat, firing where possible.

The others, feeling The Stag Lord is cornered, rush to finish him off. Cassius, leading the way, is felled by two arrows that find a gap in his armor. He collapses to his knees. Sear, nearby, rushes over to force feed him a healing potion, letting The Stag Lord escape through an unseen doorway. The stranger gives chase, and is felled in the doorway.
The part closes around him. Frantic, The Stag Lord glances around. Then Cassius raises his sword, and plunges it into his gut. The bandit lord spits blood onto the cavalier before uttering his final words. “Fuck you, father.” And then everything was quiet, except for the moaning of the dying.

While the pair recuperate, the others finish the tour, finally finding The Stag Lord’s bedchambers. The stench of stale alcohol permeates the animal hides and worn silks adorning the room. Three chests lay about the room, fallen soldiers lined up on the surface, the empty bottles clanking as they’re pushed aside.
“He was a drunk,” Cassius said with a sneer. “Takes away a bit of the victory.” Still, the goods are theirs.

With the adventure coming to a close, the party makes their journey back to Oleg’s. They stop off at Nettle’s Crossing to fulfill the ghost’s wish. As they dump the headless corpse of The Stag Lord into the river, the ghost appears again, and with a single nod he steps away, dissipating into nothing. As they wait, a long spear washes up on the store, two curved blades flanking the main point of the masterfully crafted Ranseur.

In remembrance, they decided to call the founding weekend as Horn’s Fall, in celebration of the Stag Lord’s defeat and ensuing celebration. 6 months after, would be Hammerfall, and they encouraged the normal holidays as well. Hammerfall, 1st thaw, harvest, and both winter and summer’s solstices. And with that Dun Scaith saw its first culturally significant holidays.


Stag Lord

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