Rudi Tumblefar

Impetuous Magus




Born in a sleepy farming valley called New Dawn Valley, Rudi was bullied by the bigger races in the community until a pair of half elven adventurers, Barril and Lessys, settled down and took him under their wing. The bullies eased up, and Rudi’s dreams of escaping New Dawn were forgotten. For a time things were great; Rudi shirked his farm duties at home to spar with Barril using pitchforks, or learn about the world, and eventually magic, with Lessys. The days were quiet, and lazy, and full of their own quiet adventures. That was until the gnomish bard Pankas Lightfingers came through the sleepy community, selling adventure and glory, reigniting Rudi’s dreams. Barril lost his temper, telling Rudi that the gnome was a thief, and the halfling had no place out in the world.
So Rudi stole supplies from his friends, and hit the road. Guilt gnawed at him, until he fell in step beside the gnome; all his cares slipped away in the matter of 20 minutes. Pankas had a mission, he said, and was willing to share it for a modest fee. Something about dealing with sootscales and kobolds in some out of the way place. Rudi eagerly paid a modest sum of 3 gold, a deposit Pankas said until they could share in the spoils. His first step to fame and fortune. Pankas, all smiles, told him that first they had to make a couple stops.
The taverns turned into a hazy memory, until one rowdy night that culminated in insulting a half-orc to tears, Rudi woke up and Pankas was gone. All that was left of him were two pieces of paper; the quest, and the bill. All of his money was gone, leaving him to climb out the window and sneak out of town. With only his trident, his spell book, and his ever-faithful Penelope the pony, he headed south to the Stolen Lands to try and make a name for himself.

Where Rudi Heads Off To Find A Life of Adventure

Where Rudi is Taken For All He’s Worth

Where Rudi Realizes Going Solo Sucks

Where Rudi Finds the Spirit of Giving

Where Rudi’s Vices and Virtues Are Revealed To The Reader

Where Rudi Acts His Age and Gets More (and Less) Than He Bargained For

New Forged Bonds

Where Rudi Struggles with Ethics and Morality

The Honing

Where Rudi Comes Upon a Fork In His Path, and Must Find His Way

The Work of the Living

Rudi Tumblefar

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