Pirec was born in the outskirts of Pitax, where he grew up. His father was an obsessive, but unsuccessful, alchemist and showed little interest in young Pirec. Pirec’s mother loved him deeply but she harbored a growing resentment towards her husband’s failure to succeed. She finally left both of them when Pirec was twelve and started reminding her more of his father.

Pirec spent his youth exploring the vast and varied lands surrounding his home. He developed an interest in nature and treasure hunting. When Pirec was sixteen, a traveler told him of a lost fortune in the Rostland Plains. Pirec left home and went in search of the treasure in vain. However, he proved himself a resourceful and courageous explorer to the other treasure hunters of Restov and spent two years there working with a group of explorers.

Restov also provided Pirec with exposure to the fairer gender. Years spent vying for his father’s attention and basking in his mother’s affections made Pirec irrefutably charming. Combined with his knowledge of nature and treasure he easily wooed the young women of Restov by bringing them into a fantasy of adventure and riches. Unfortunately, his encounters left him with a dormant, yet dangerous, disease, of which Pirec is still unaware.

Then Pirec met these other guys…


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