Foul mouthed clerk


A foul mouthed bureaucrat sent from Rosland to help the new lords of Dun Scaith understand the necessities of running and building a kingdom.

7th of Seranith
The party is enjoying their well earned R’n’R after a weekend of heavy festivities. As the day wears on, an old man busts into Olegs carrying several scrolls, with books held into a leather strap. Looking back through the open he shouts to an unknown person “Looks like this is the place.”
Sizing the heroes up, he nods. “Who the fuck are you then.”
“Who are you?” Sear asked in response.
“Names Oslod. Come bearing some gifts of a whole ton of shit per the terms of the agreement. They sent me, ‘cuz I’m gonna teach you. I’m a clerk. First off, you think of a name for your kingdom?”
“I think master Tumblefar did.”
“Oh, uh, Dun Scaith? If thats what you all want?”
When no one responded, Oslod shrugged and wrote it in the book. “Dun Scaith. Weird name. Now, where do you want it? Got lumber, tools, weapons, saws, axes, whatever you need. Just point us to where we’re going, so we can get the fuck to work on this place.”



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