OIeg Leveton

Tresurer and Trade Post Owner

  • is waiting in soldiers he requested from the sword lords.
  • is married to Svetlana
  • asked the party to help turn away the bandits that were demanding a monthly payout
  • after party thwarted the bandits, offered PCs a free place to stay as long as there is room
  • asked the party to find his wife’s wedding ring

When they finally roll back into Oleg’s, cart laden with all the quest items and other treasures. Oleg cavorts with the Tatzlwyrm heads, stringing them from the rafters. The Free Irregulars pull the mildewing corpse of Falgrim Sneeg from the wagon bed. Kesten Garess takes the maimed head of The Stag Lord and spikes it out front of Oleg’s, near the dessicated remains of Happs Bydon still hanging from the walls.

A succulent feast is carted out, with much drinking and merriment being had. And as the night wears on the parties exploits are shared and celebrated, their treasures examined and gaped at, Oleg only interrupts once to read a proclamation from King Surtova bestowing the party with claims to the land along with the right to rule and the promise of a generous amount of funds from Restov and Brevoy to speed along the process…


Oleg is a middle aged man with no-nonsense attitude and fierce pride.

OIeg Leveton

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