Across the gap, they find a room where mites are torturing a caged kobold. They butcher the unsuspecting mites, and Sear steps up to converse with the cowering creature. His name is Mikmek, and he tells them that the ivory idol Fadrian is carrying is the god of a sorcerer that’s been inciting rebellion among the Sootscales, and leading them against the chief. He also claims that his chieftan has Svetlana’s Ring. With the possibility of completing two quests, they agree to follow Mikmek back, and help with the problem.

Between the priests persistent offers to retire into Eristil’s service, and Mikmek the kobold’s constant jabbering and propensity to eat everything, it didn’t make for the most relaxing week.


Mikmek was rescued from the mites by the party and led them back to the Sootscale’s mine. He helped launch a revolution against a sorcerer that was terrorizing the tribe. He also ate all of the fish in Jhod Kavken’s fish pond at the temple.


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