Matriarch of Valor dwelling Kolbolds


Rudi spends portion of time trying to build more understanding between the people of Valor and the kobolds that have emigrated, seeking out a wise woman among the kobolds. He pokes through the small shanty town that popped up for the kobolds. Mostly made up of the sootscale population, there are some with more exotic colors, the meaning of there exile status getting lost on Rudi.It didn’t take long to get pointed towards Kilthirka. He spoke about developing an understanding between the two very different groups of people, fearing for a backlash due to fear and mistrust. Before she agrees to work with him, though, she asks for knuckle bones, frog eyes, and fish as a symbol of good faith. Still in the grips of winter, though, he doesn’t know where he’ll find frogs right now so is forced to put it on the backburner.



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