Kesten Garess

Assassinated Royal Enforcer and Leader of the Free Irregulars


Kesten was found in an alley assassinated below graffiti that looked like one of Dovan from Nisroch tattoos.

In the month of Kuthona, while Rudi and Cassius return from protecting trade caravans coming back from Oleg’s with much needed supplies, the find the burgeoning town in turmoil. While Sear was lounging on furs in his quarters, the body of Kesten was dragged in between town guards. Limp, with prominent sores on his now pale, greenish skin, the Royal Enforcer was assassinated. Sear dispatched the guards to assemble the rest of the party, and together they examined the body.
Glod was able to identify the small, circular wounds with one tucked under the ribs and another on the back of the neck. The flesh around the wound had become necrotized, with the veins around the wound bulging. It had been very recent.
The rest were taken to the small alley where the body was found. The blood was still fresh, and Cassius left immediately to knock on doors and look for witnesses. Above the pooled blood there’s what looks like a tribal sun, drawn so it was tilted to the ide.It looks familiar to Pirec, like the one tattooed onto Dovan from Nisroch’s stomach.


A somewhat moody and morose leader of a troupe he calls the “Free Irregulars”. He has taken a task from the Sword Lords to guard Oleg’s.

Kesten Garess

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