Grabbles and Tickleback

Mite Leader and his mount


Their leader sits astride a massive tick, wielding a spear. Grobbels and Tickleback lead the other mites to attack.
In the assault, Tickleback chomps on Rudi and downs him. As the dust settles, Tickleback and the other mites lie dead while Grobbels is captured. However nobody is able to communicate with him. Split on how to handle this situation, some want to torture him; others take moral issue with that. While Blod gets ready to burn him alive, Cassius executes him.

Later, Rudi’s skin erupts in sores, and the halfling falls seriously ill with a strength sapping illness, a result of being bitten by Tickleback.


Nasty mite that rode atop a tick.

Grabbles and Tickleback

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