Boggard of his own Kingdom


22nd of Desnus
The forest eventually gave way, slumping into a swampy mire, when they came upon a pair of ruined stone building jutting out of the ground. Spotting a slurk, a beast that had given them trouble in the past both in the Mite caves and on the road, Rudi and Faderean sneak up for a better look. They find two frog men, one with a trident, and signalled back to the others to let them know there was potentially trouble.
Cassius drew their attention by banging on his shield, drawing them out where they met King Garuum, King of This Empire, a frog man with a crippled hand. He repeatedly asked for a truce, and for help from “Baguurts,” evil frog men to the west.

The party sets up camp just outside of King Garuum’s empire, debating their next move.

They need to finish their charter, and are considering how build alliances at the same time. Cassius, on his watch, invites Garuum and his subjects to break bread, and try to develop trust between the groups.

24th of Desnus

It’s rainy again, but the party presses on with mapping the region of King Garuum empire.


Friendly Boggard the party left to his kingdom.


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