Davik Nettles

Undead waterwalker


Asked for the body of Staglord to avenge his death.

Still trying to cross the Shrike, they come across the remains of an old bridge. Only a thick rope remains, sagging across the water. An old sign identifies the site as Nettle’s Crossing advertising a 5 CP fee to cross. Whether out of frustration, or just because it’s how Ted likes to solve problems, the half orc punched a rusty old bell hanging from the sign.
Hydrastis was the first to notice the form rising from the swirling snow. Black skin, with wispy strands of hair caught in the breeze. The form shambled forward, on top of the water, stopping about 20 feet out.
Ted held the 5 CP in his hands, but the figure ignored it. Instead, in an eerie, soggy voice said “you are no my tormentors. Throw the Staglord into the river so I may witness him.”
Then he disappeared back under the churning water of the Shrike.

With the adventure coming to a close, the party makes their journey back to Oleg’s. They stop off at Nettle’s Crossing to fulfill the ghost’s wish. As they dump the headless corpse of The Stag Lord into the river, the ghost appears again, and with a single nod he steps away, dissipating into nothing. As they wait, a long spear washes up on the store, two curved blades flanking the main point of the masterfully crafted Ranseur.


Davik Nettles

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