Chief Sootscale

chief kobold


Well rested, the group headed out to complete their missions: Recover Svetlana’s Ring and Pacify the Sootscale Kobolds. The plan was to side with the chieftain against the sorcerer Tartuk, stopping the civil war that had the kobolds riled up, and recover the ring in the bargain.

Friends of Mikmek lead them through the tunnels and the caves, around the traps, all to meet Chief Sootscale. They’re led to a room with sharptoothed, reptilian-looking demon statues caked in blood. Here stood the chieftain with his black scales, resplendent in a crocodile skull helmet adorned with feathers.

Chief Sootscale agrees, and immediately smashes the idol on the floor. Leading the charge through the tunnels, the kobold’s witnessing the exchange scatter before the party. The chief leds them to Tartuk’s quarters, filled the sorcerer and his glassy eyed followers.

In the spirit of friendship, Cassius believed they should leave the copper and silver behind to help kickstart their trade with the surrounding settlements. That way they could start their mining operation more quickly. Not everyone agreed with this generosity. Then he bequeathed the Oak Top Silver Mine to the Sootscales and claimed were under their protection while they maintained their friendship. Laden with loot, drunk on victory, they headed back to Oleg’s.


Chief of the Sootscale tribe. Broke the idol that was “imprisoning” his tribe and led a coup against Tartuk. The party helped with this and then signed a treaty with the chief to allow a peaceful co-existence.

Chief Sootscale

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