A simple, lumbering lummox.


Sear and Glod made to go after the others, when a hulking man wielding a tankard and a club leaps a gap from rooftop to rooftop, with two other bandits following him.
With a beastly roar, Auchs jumps behind Glod, but slips and falls in the mud and debris.
As Cassius gives a rousing speech to inspire the others, and Sear and Glod pile on his supine form, Rudi charges up the stairs at the pair shooting at Hydrastis.

Auchs continued to tie up the rest of the party. Taking spells and weapon strikes with his guffawing laughter, swinging his club around him carelessly at Sear, Glod, and Cassius, his own blood splashing on the adventurers with each strike.

Auchs continued his assault, sometimes dazed by Sear’s best use of color spray, other times swinging at Cassius, Glod, or the sorcerer. Until in a final exchange, where Cassius threw his shield up, leaving the club ringing harmlessly against the steel, before the cavalier’s sword slid through his gut. “Take care of my toys!” Auchs pleads, before sighing, and crumpling to the ground.

Upstairs, the roof is in the process of falling in on itself. Grass sprouts above, with roots dangling through gaps here and there. A bed roll lies in the center, with toy knights arrayed beside it, little men at arms prepared to do battle.
“Not a safe place for kids, is it.”
“I think this’s Auchs’s bedroom. Remember when he was dying? He wanted to protect his toys.
“I thought that he was talking about the Owl Bears,” He said, and kicked them over, sending some skittering through the gap to the first floor below.
“That’s not way to treat a man’s dying request.” Cassius said, carefully gathering the painted miniatures from the floor and stowing them in his pack.



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