Akiros Iamort

Turned Bandit


Akiros, healed by *Glod*’s last burst, props himself up on an elbow.
“Did you work for him?” Cassius asked.
“I did. And what are you going to do with me.”
“You have no need to fear us. Have you committed crimes?”
“Many… And at first, I thought I would be making up for past mistakes. But the longer I stayed, the more I realized I was digging myself in deeper and deeper with the sins of The Stag Lord. When your assault began, I saw the opportunity to break free and begin my atonement.”
“Remember Cassius, shades of gray…” Sear interjected.
“Yes, Sear. Everyone has a chance for redemption, and it will be remembered when you are tried for your crimes.”
“Tried?” Akiros asked.
“You have my word you will be fine,” Sear said, staring at Cassius.
“You’re no prisoner,” He said, handing his sword to the former bandit. “But you said it yourself, you’ve committed crimes.”
“Except he did help us, and was attacking The Stag Lord, which proves he’s on our side,” Rudi said.
“Which should be considered, but does not exonerate him for his prior crimes committed while under his rule.”
“Rudi, you said one got away.” Sear asked, changing the topic.
“Yeah, the one with the tattoos and dark clothes.” Rudi muttered.
“What can you tell us of him?” Sear asked Akiros.
“That would be Dovan from Nisroch. He’s the worst of the lot, matching The Stag Lord for cruelty and depravity.”
“And our friend?” Sear asked, a question Glod had been repeating up until this point. Faderean, dazed, in a more or less catatonic state, had just stood mutely. Akiros, having witnessed the chaos, led the rest of the party to the collapsed tower that had buried Pirec.

Akiros mentions that the cellar is where most of the goods are kept. However, a strange old man stays down there. He helped care for the wounded, but instilled fear in them, so much so the men would nearly let thing become gangrenous before mentioning it.

Then, out of nowhere, Akiros charges down the stairs, swinging his sword at the wolverine with Pirec above. Pirec who had been in a daze since being rescued seemed to shake it. He interrogated Akiros, finding out his companions journeyed into the basement, and inspired him to join the fray just in time.

Akiros claims he didn’t want to interfere, as they pull the unconscious friends up from the cellar.

“There’s no question about the quality of your mettle sir,” Cassius said to Akiros before setting out. “I ask you to watch over this keep for us in our absence. And if someone approaches saying the phrase ‘I followed the path’ to let them in, now matter who or what manner of creature.”


Akiros Iamort

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