3rd of Gazran, 4711

The party continued to track the bandits, but soon realized they were being tracked themselves! Out of the brush they were surrounded by wolves. The wolves were able to pull the sorcerer down, but eventually the party was able to finish them off and save anyone from getting dragged off.

The party finally found the end of the tracks following the Thorn River into a bandit camp. Kressle and her bandits fought furiously, but were overcome by some heroics of the sorcerer, some ingenuity of the archaeologist, and a well placed entangle from the hunter.

After interrogating the surviving bandit, the party found out the Svetlana’s ring was taken by some “nasty mites” that have a lair under a large sycamore tree. The party also found out that the bandits were organized under the leadership of someone/thing called the Staglord! The bandit was released for payment of his information.

The party took a fancy to the old run down cart in the bandit camp, and with vines and branches, they were able to get it into working condition.


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