1st of Gazran, 4711

After walking this road over the past couple of days, the mud and sogginess is starting to get to you. Even the sucking sound of tromping down a muddy road has got your mind fixated. It is almost Gozran(April) and the snows are just melting from the long cold snowy winter. The spring rains haven’t really helped yet. You can’t remember the last time you were dry. You look around and see the Rostland Plains in all directions. Patches of wet snow still cover as far as you can see. Today the weather is seemingly breaking, it is clear but cool with a promise of a real spring thaw. With the breeze you are starting to smell the fresh grass, along with the constant smell of mold and mud. Ahead you notice on the horizon is a forest, most likely the Greenbelt, your destination. This is the first thing you have seen since leaving New Stetven. The road has even been void of travellers, at least heading to New Stetven, but you are sure there are a lot more in your wake, since it is going to be good hunting in the spring. You realize, with the thought of arriving at your destination and the afternoon sun, you start to actually shake the chill that you have had since you have been on the road. As promised, appearing on the road in the distance is some type of old structure, square and squat, with towers on each corner like more outpost forts. This must be Oleg’s Outpost. Looking at your other companions you think, that one must not really like people to live out here. This Oleg must be an interesting character.

As you approach the outpost, you notice that it is indeed an old fort, complete with a wooden palisade, watchtowers on each corner with some form of siege weapon on top. The road leads to a 30 foot wide closed wooden gate.

The Party gets to Oleg’s to find out they are harassed by bandits. The party prepares for a bandit raid on the marrow.


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